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Japan Supports Forest Preservation Programme (FPP) with Vehicles, Equipment.
Posted: 12 Jun 2012

Japan Supports Forest Preservation Programme (FPP) with Vehicles and Equipment.
The Japanese government has supported the Forestry Commission's Forest Preservation Programme (FPP) with vehicles and a diverse range of equipment valued at US$7.8 million for the sustaiinable management of Ghana's forests.
The equipment included 30 Nissan pick-ups with spare parts, three Nissan Patrols, 190 motorbikes with spare parts, satellite imagery machines, remote sensing laboratory equipment and forestry inventory and survey equipment. The FPP will lead to the creation of a completeand seamless forest inventory to be used for various purposes, including envirpnmrntal management and planning, and the conservation of biodiversity as well as agro-forestry systems.
Supported by a grant assistance, the equipment will among other objectives help in the development of a good data-base of the remaining forest resources of the country and also to design an effective and sustainable forest manegement system for the FPP.
Presenting the items to the government in Accra yesterday, the Japanese Ambassador to Ghana, Mr.Naoto Nikia expressed the hope that the gesture would halt the depletion of the countries forest reserves.
Acknowledging the contribution of forests to electricity generation in the country, he said tradional biomass would remain a major source of energy for many Ghanaians although power generation capacity was likely to increase in the coming years.
Mr. Nikia said the benefits being derived from the program were not only for Ghanainas but for all citizens of the world since the fight against global warming was a global one.
The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Mr.Mike Allen Hammah who received the equipment, expressed gratitude to the government and the people of Japan and said the support would launch Ghana into the path of fighting the deforestation canker.
"Ghana like many other countries is commited to ensuring sustainable forest management and development including reduced forest  degradation and deforestation to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change," he said.
The absence of a credible and reliable equipment, he added was a great challenge for sustainable management in the past, and expressed the hope that given the Japanese grant the FPP would provide a new regieme for effective forest management planning processes.
Mr Hammah gave the assurance the the government would do anything possible to ensure the sustainability of the program.
The Cheif Executive of the Forestry Commission, Mr Samuel Afari Dartey, expressed concern that the continued degradation, particularly of tropical forests, had resulted in untold repercussions in many places around the world.


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