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Final Report On Development of Reference Emissions Levels and Measurement, Reporting and Verificatio
Posted: 15 Apr 2016

The Ghana Forest Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system project sought to
create a firm basis for embarking on activities to establish reference emission levels, emission
factors, and develop a framework for measuring, reporting and verifying emissions reductions
resulting from REDD+1 activities.

It is currently neither practical nor efficient to measure and report the stocks and changes for the whole terrestrial carbon reservoir with the level of detail and certainty to address all drivers and processes that have a carbon impact on the land.

It is therefore expected that the REDD+ readiness activities in Ghana would be phased in a manner which builds incrementally on the level of detail by testing carbon measurement, accounting and MRV procedures, prior to the full implementation of REDD+. - Click For More Information


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