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Posted: 23 Nov 2015



Under the auspices of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, the Climate Change Unit of the Forestry Commission (FC) in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) will launch the “REDD Eye” Campaign and hold the maiden National REDD+ Forum to “sell” and secure buy-in for the REDD+ Mechanism from Ghanaians.

REDD+ is an acronym for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation. The Plus sign (+) represents activities that offer co-benefits such as biodiversity conservation, sustainable forest management and carbon stocks enhancement. REDD+ is an activity whose successful implementation will help reduce the impacts of climate change particularly in developing countries like Ghana.

Climate Change has become a worldwide phenomenon which is affecting all forms of human lives. It is anthropogenic, in that all the drivers of climate change are human induced. Major drivers of climate change are deforestation and forest degradation; burning of fossil fuels; improper land use; industrialisation; indiscriminate bush burning, among others. All these human- induced activities release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, thereby causing global warming which leads to climate change. In Ghana, climate change is manifested in high temperatures, indiscriminate rainfall patterns which have implications for food security.

There have been several attempts to arrest climate change and its adverse effects worldwide but REDD+ has been recognized as an activity whose successful implementation will help reduce the impacts of climate change, particularly in developing countries like Ghana.
Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), developed countries have committed to provide incentives to developing countries that have large tracts of forests to help them to expand, nurture and protect their forests. This will ensure that forests continue to play their natural roles which include absorption of excess carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere in order to prevent the dangerous warming of the earth which eventually leads to changes in climate.

“SELLING” REDD+ in 2014

As part of activities to sell REDD+ and secure stakeholder buy-in in 2014, the Forestry Commission, which hosts the National REDD+ Secretariat, embarked on a National REDD+ Road Show event. It was a mass communication campaign, which involved visits to Community Resource Management Areas (CREMAs), radio discussions, road procession, sensitization of pupils and students, interactions with traditional authorities and local community members, film shows and durbars. The purpose was to "sell REDD+" to the Ghanaian populace, drawing attention to unsustainable land-use practices leading to deforestation and forest degradation, and their negative impacts including global warming and loss of livelihood opportunities. The event also sought to galvanize public support for actions and measures targeted at addressing the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation in Ghana. The Roadshow took place in Tarkwa, Dormaa Ahenkro, Hohoe and Damongo.


The National REDD+ Secretariat has lined up a set of activities as a follow up to that of 2014, all in a bid to galvanise public and stakeholder support for REDD+.
The Secretariat also held local level consultation in six (6) communities, namely Nyinahin, Bibiani, Enchi, Asamankese, Goaso and Assin Fosu.
In the Greater Accra Region, the National REDD + Secretariat will organize a high-level consultative meeting for REDD+ Ambassadors. The overarching objective of this meeting is to engage high-level actors amongst the key stakeholder groups who will serve as ambassadors for Ghana’s Emission Reduction Programme (cocoa-forest REDD+ programme).

This event will see the coming together of representatives from farmer groups, financial institutions, creative industry, private sector, CSOs/NGOS/FBOs and traditional authorities. These ambassadors are expected to “sell” the REDD+ Mechanism to their peers, emphasising on the need to adopt climate smart agricultural practices in their bid to combat climate change while enhancing their farming activities.


The National REDD+ Secretariat of the Forestry Commission will launch the first ever “REDD Eye” Campaign on 21st November, 2015, at the Forestry Commission Headquarters. It is a campaign aimed at creating awareness among the youth, who are the future leaders of Ghana on the need to plant and nurture trees as one of the ways to mitigate climate change. The campaign will also open their eyes on the importance of the REDD+ as a mechanism to reduce the devastating effects of climate change. Some second cycle schools and youth groups across the country have been invited to the event. Youthful resource persons will make presentations on the following topics:
1. Why should the youth be concerned about climate change? (causes, manifestations and impacts of climate change) - Mrs. Saadia Bobtoya Owusu-Amofah, IUCN
2. Why does protecting our forests matter in addressing climate change? - Mr. Kwame Mensah, KASA Ghana
3. REDD+ and Ghana's progress in implementing the mechanism - Ms. Hilma Manan, Forestry Commission
4. The role of the youth in forest conservation: A case-study of A Rocha's campaign aimed at the conservation of the Atewa Range Forest Reserve - Mr. Daryl Bosu, A Rocha Ghana
5. The role of gender in forest management in Ghana - Dorcas Gyimah, IUCN
After the presentations, there will be an interactive session where participants will be given the chance to ask all mind-boggling questions. Then there will be an inter-school quiz competition to ascertain the level of knowledge acquired by the students on climate change and REDD + issues. As part of the steps ahead for the “REDD EYE” campaign, “REDD EYE” Clubs will be formed in the various schools where sensitisation, tree planting and other REDD+ activities will be carried out to help in the fight against climate change. There will be events in all the ten (10) regions of the country to carry out sensitization programmes for the youth.


The National REDD + Secretariat of the Forestry Commission will organise the maiden REDD + Forum to climax activities aimed at sensitizing the Ghanaian populace and their seek buy –in for the REDD+ mechanism, all of which are attempts to put Ghana on a climate- resilient path. This event will take place on 25th November, 2015, 10.00am at the Accra International Conference Centre. The theme for this event is Conserving Our Forests For Better Lives And A Better Climate.

The keynote address for this all important event will be delivered on Conserving Our Forests For Better Lives And A Better Climate by by H.E Dr. John Agyekum Kuffuor, Ghana’s ex-President and the UN Special Envoy for Climate Change and Mr. Ishmael Yamson, Chairman of Unilever Ghana will chair the event. Speakers who are well-versed in climate change issues will also share their experiences, dwelling on the REDD+ Mechanism as one of the ways to help Ghana chart a low carbon path. Some of the topics and their resource persons are:

1. REDD+, the State of Play - Mr. Robert Bamfo, Climate Change Consultant
2. National Efforts to combat Climate Change - Mr. Peter Dery, MESTI
3. Private sector participation in addressing climate change - Mr. Isaac Gyamfi, SOLIDARIDAD Network Ghana.
4. Mobilising climate finance in Ghana – Dr. Rebecca Asare, NCRC
5. The role of traditional authorities as advocates for climate actions - Naa Prof. John Nabila, President, National House of Chiefs

After the presentations, there will be an interactive session where participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from the resource persons. There will also be an exhibition by REDD+ actors as a side event as well as performances by Okyeame Kwame and Bice Osei Kuffuor (Obuor), MUSIGA President, who are Climate Change Ambassadors.
There will be an exhibition of pictures, posters and other works by affiliate institutions during the forum.
This event seeks to bring together about 500 people from the civil society, clergy, academia, tertiary institutions, diplomatic corps, traditional authorities, farmer groups, media, the creative industry and other sectors of the country.

The general public is invited to be a part of this all important event.
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