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The Pride Of Ghana
Posted: 11 May 2015





                                                                                          “THE PRIDE OF GHANA”

Local Development and Sustainable Management of the Mole National Park and its Fringe Communities”   Project AID:  9602/GHANA –                              

Co-funded by the Italian Government / Italian Ministry of Foreign   Affairs.

Budget: Euros 1,681,000.

Implemented by the Wildlife Division ,  Ricerca e Cooperazione,   University della Tuscia –Department of Environmental Sciences.

Project duration:  November 2011 – October 2015

The Wildlife Division, Ricerca e Cooperazione and the Department of Environmental Sciences of the University della Tuscia are jointly implementing the  project “Pride of Ghana” - Local Development and Sustainable Management of the Mole National Park and its Fringe Communities”   Project AID:  9602/RC/GHA.

Pride of Ghana, with an integrated approach to Conservation and Sustainable Development,  focuses its action on the Mole National Park and in its fringe communities, in the Northern and Upper West Regions. It collaborates with National and International Universities, Districts Assemblies, Protected Area Management Units (PAMAUs), Community Resources management Areas (CREMAs) Ghana Tourist Authorities, Local NGOs, Community’ Groups and Structures,  Local Tourism Service Providers, Local People.

Pride  of Ghana  has the objective of increasing tourism influx  implementing actions resulting  in an enhanced    biodiversity conservation  and poverty reduction.

The  initiative is an institutional support, sustainable tourism, environmental enhancement and research  project  for the conservation and sustainable management of that peculiar protected area of  Ghana.


             Pride of Ghana is implementing, among others, the following actions;                                                                                                                               

  1. Environmental education for MNP fringe communities(sustainable use of natural resources, sanitation, conservation, personal hygiene e).

  2.  Training of Community literacy Facilitators and Supervisors

  3. Organization of  functional literacy for MNP fringe communities members;                                                                                                                      

  4. Development of Wildlife Conservation Clubs;                                                                                                                                       

  5. Strengthening of PAMAUs CREMAs around the MNP;                                                                                                                                                            

  6. Develop tourism excursions linking the park with selected sites

  7. Develop and implement a tourism promotion and marketing strategy for the MNP and its fringe areas. (posters, a website)

  8.  Capacity building for WD staff, PAMAUs CREMA’s members,  tour operators

  9. Facilitate the development of micro-enterprises in the tourism value chain linking communities groups with Agencies active in supporting MSMEs.

  10. Investigation of the status of last lion population of Ghana

  11. Conservation plan of lion population in the MNP

  • Undertake research  into the ecology, fauna, and flora of the MNP. 

  • Construction and equipment of a research centre at Lovi

  • Development of a Dossier for UNESCO –WHC to register Mole as a World Heritage Site.

  • create synergies with national and international universities and research institutes for a composite and coordinated  research

  • Advocate and lobby for infrastructures development within and outside the MNP.


Pride of Ghana’s target groups are: Wildlife Division Staff, local Tour Operators, Men and Women in the fringe Communities, CREMA and PAMAUs structures 

Beneficiaries of Pride of Ghana are people, women and men in the fringe communities, Wildlife Staff, Students and researchers and the Global community.

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Contact persons for the project are:

 Nana Kofi ADU NSIAH                                                                       

The Executive Director                                                                     

Wildlife Division                                                                                  


Mr. Farouk Omaru DUBIURE

Park Manager

Mole National Park


Dr Gianna DA RE

Project Manager

Ricerca e Cooperazione


Prof. Francesco Maria ANGELICI

Scientific Responsible

University della Tuscia, Department DIBAF






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