VPA Related Projects

Since the signing of the VPA in November 2009, the different stakeholder groups have embarked on initiatives to support it's successful implementation. The focus of the initiatives have mostly been in the area of capacity building whereas a few recent initiatives have supported  the efforts of the JMRM in developing an impact monitoring framework. These VPA support initiatives have been implemented by the three active stakeholder groups in the VPA, namely, Civil Society, Private Sector and Government. The major sponsors of the initiatives have been the FAO-FLEGT Facility, DFID and the EU.

Some recent and on-going initiatives are listed below:



Civic Response   FAO Civil Society-led Independent Forest Monitoring in Ghana (CSIFM)  

1. Web-interface of GWTS developed to improve access to information by CSOs and other non-state actors

2. CSOs and other non-state actors actively participate in TVD audits as observers

3. Structured, coordinated and evidence-based CSIFM undertaken in Ghana
2 Nov 2016 - 1 Nov 2018
Nature and Development Foundation (NDF)  FAO Innovation for improved forest governance in West Africa; Demand and Supply side solutions in a changing landscape  

1.90 timber companies in Ghana understand FLEGT VPA requirements, organized internal control systems and have capacity to comply with its requirements.

2. Mechanisms for the supply of legal timber to the domestic market facilitated.

3. Procurement policies and private sector initiatives on timber trade practices in the domestic market to reduce demand for illegal timber in the domestic market supported.

4. Cross-jurisdictional exchange learning on thematic areas such as; procurement policies,     domestic market and traceability systems facilitated.
5 Oct 2016 - 4 Oct 2018
Ghana Timber Millers (GTMO)  FAO Strengthening the operational capacity of timber operators for effective compliance of FLEGT VPA  

1.60 SMEs of loggers, millers and wood exporters acquire adequate knowledge and understanding of their roles and responsibilities to ensuring trade in legal timber

2.60 SMEs equipped with the skills in the proper documentation and record keeping procedures, data storage, retrieval and processing required under the WTS

3.Acess to information sharing of business news and collaboration improved among the three trade associations namely; Ghana Timber Millers Organization (GTMO), Ghana Timber Association (GTA), and Furniture and Wood Products Association of Ghana (FAWAG)
18 Oct 2016 – 17 May 2017
Kumasi Wood Cluster (KWC) FAO

Empowering Small-Medium Forest Enterprises (SMFEs) through training and supervision for their effective compliance and active participation in VPA/FLEGT implementation in Ghana

1.SMFEs are able to implement the Gh-LAS.

13 Sept 2016 -12 Dec 2017
Resource Management Support Center (RMSC)  FAO Promoting Forest Governance through Stakeholder Consultations for Ten Production Forest Reserves in Ghana  

1.Relevant s stakeholders in 10 selected forest reserves are identified and sensitized.

2. Ten reserve planning (validation) workshops conducted.
 6 Sept 2016 - 5 Apr 2017
Resource Management Support Center (RMSC)
FAO Building the capacity of the Coalition on Domestic Lumber Supply in Ghana for the Supply and Production of Legal Timber in the Wood Product Value Chain for a functional VPA

1.Capacity of Coalition developed to secure and produce legal timber for the domestic and international market

2. Collaboration among SME Coalition members and existing forestry civil organization platforms strengthened.

3.Coalition effectively strengthened and facilitated to engage with policy makers on forestry issues
19 Oct 2016 - 9 Jan 2018
Tropenbos International Ghana FAO Supporting knowledge and regulation of overland timber trade and promoting domestic legal timber supply through strengthening Artisanal Milling in Ghana

1.Draft regulatory framework for overland and timber trade reviewed, published and widely disseminated to relevant stakeholders.

2.Manual of Procedures (MOP) piloted and lessons effectively documented and shared

3.Stakeholders conversant with the MOP on overland timber trade

4.Prospect of Artisanal Milling (ATM) assessed.

5.Source book on ATM produced and awareness created

6.Capacities of artisanal millers to produce and supply the domestic market with legal timber assessed and built
9 Oct 2017 - 8 May 2018
Timber Validation Department (TVD)
 FAO Support to the Timber Validation Department for FLEGT VPA Activities Coordination  1.The Timber Validation Department successfully and effectively oversees the implementation and coordination of projects contributing to the VPA process in Ghana, in view of upcoming launch of FLEGT license  18 May 2017 - 17 Mar 2018
Tropenbos International Ghana  FAO An analysis of women’s engagement along Ghana’s timber value chain  

1.Empirical information on women’s role, resources and constraints along Ghana’s timber value chain generated

2. Women-inclusive social safeguards developed, validated and disseminated for gender mainstreaming in forest governance processes
 6 Sep 2017 - 3 Sep 2018
Rural Development Youth Association  FAO Towards the Establishment of Civil Society/Community led Independent Monitoring Mechanisms in Support of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement implementation in Ghana  

1.Local/district level independent monitoring teams (IMT) established and trained on VPA, LAS and SRA and participatory monitoring techniques

2.CSO/community independent monitoring strategy (including independent monitors at local level) developed, validated and tested with representatives of FC, NFF, CFCs, consultants and district IMTs
 22 Sep 2017 - 21 Oct 2018
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