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Posted: 07 May 2018


The forestry Commission of Ghana on April 17th 2018 passed out an impressive batch of forest guards and Rapid Response Team at the Asutuare Military Training camp in the Greater Accra Region.

The Commission in Collaboration with the Ghana Armed Forces has on several times trained Forest Guards to equip and enable them to defend themselves against attacks in the reserves and also on how to strategically guard and protect our forests and wildlife reserves. Under the guidance of Lt. Col Fiifi Deegbe, The trainees were taken through Physical Training, Navigation, Minor tactics Recreational training, weapon Training, Leadership and Team work. The graduates were numbered to be a total of one hundred and sixteen (116).

 In attendance at the ceremony were Mr. Oppong Sasu, Executive Director of the Forest Service Department (FSD); Mr. Darko the Kalakpa Park manager and Abdul Nasir Abubakare, FSD HR Manager.



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