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Posted: 30 Oct 2018



An orientation has been organized for members of the Timber Validation Committee (TVC) to introduce them to the policies and regulations in the Forestry sector. The members taken through the processes connected with verification and validation towards the issuance of timber legality licenses.

The reconstituted TVC orientation workshop took place from 10th-12th October 2018 at Takoradi. The formal commencement of the workshop was preceded by a swearing-in ceremony for the Deputy Chief Executive of the Forestry Commission as a statutory member of the TVC. The Chairman of the TVC, Mr. Oscar Vulor acting on the authority of the sector Minister conducted the Deputy Chief Executive through the oath taking process to formally induct him into the TVC as a member. 

The design of the orientation program was fashioned around presentations to interactively communicate and bring clarity on the mandate of the TVC as well as illustrate how the grist of TVC functional machinery could be activated, through issues arising out of the execution of the mandate of the various relevant FC departments and Divisions with respect to the issuance of timber legality licenses including the related verification and validation of applications for licenses. The program design also included a field visit to the timber industry factory site where the TVC members had the opportunity to relate some of the lessons from the presentation to real world situation in the wood factory.

Overall, a total of five presentations from a legal practitioner, TVD, FSD, TIDD and RMSC were delivered, intended to provide induction and learning aimed at building the capacity of the TVC members to effectively deliver on their mandate.




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