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Posted: 04 Feb 2019


For Immediate Release

28TH JAN, 2019. Mr. Emmanuel Tei, a Chief Resource Guard with the Tema District of the Forest Services Division of the Forestry Commission, was shot by an unidentified person on 25th January, 2019, in the Chipa Forest Reserve, Agomeda.

Mr. Emmanuel Tei, in the company of his assistant, Mr. Atsu Tormeh went on routine patrol duties along his beat in the Chipa Forest Reserve around 5.00pm, on 25th January, 2019. He was reported to have been shot by an unidentified person, who later escaped. Mr. Tei said he heard footsteps of his assailant as he was running away from the crime scene.

Mr. Atsu Tormeh helped Mr. Tei to the roadside where they boarded a vehicle and was rushed to the Kordiabe Health Centre. There, his condition was stabilised and was referred to the Dodowa Government Hospital for further treatment.

At the Dodowa Government Hospital, an x-ray conducted on Mr. Tei revealed that he had five (5) pellets embedded in his body and a surgery will have to be performed on him to remove them on Monday, 29th January, 2019. However, Mr. Tei is in a stable condition and the incident has been reported at the Doryum Police Station.

Chipa Forest Reserve is one of the four (4) Forest Reserves in the jurisdiction of the Tema Forest District. The Reserve covers an area of about 2,400 hectares with perimeter of 23.04Km. The Reserve is surrounded by six communities including Kordiabe, all in the Shai Osudoku Assembly.

Major causes of degradation of the Forest Reserve are sand winning, indiscriminate felling of trees, cattle grazing and bush fires. In recent times, indiscriminate felling of trees has been very alarming and patrolling activities in the Reserve have been intensified to clamp down on perpetrators of such illegal activities.

In November 2018, while Forest Guards were on patrol in the Chipa Forest Reserve, they saw two people who were busy cutting trees in the Reserve. The guards arrested these illegal fellers and handed them over to the Ayikuma Police, where they also lodged a complaint. The Police took over the case and started their investigations and in the process, the suspects were identified as citizens of Kordiabe and were granted Police enquiry bail. The suspects were asked to report to the Ayikuma Police Station from time to time.

According to the Police, the suspects only reported in the first week and were not seen again. When the police completed their investigations and were ready for prosecution the surety was asked to produce the suspects but he told the police the guys could not be found at Kordiabe.

On 20th January 2019, while the Forest Guards were on patrol duties, they saw that some trees had been felled probably a night before and had been gathered as firewood so they arranged for the firewood to be conveyed to Ayikuma Forest Camp. As the forest guards were conveying the firewood to the Camp, they were accosted by some youth of Kordiabe led by the suspects whom the Ayikuma Police were looking for to be prosecuted.

This group attacked them and took over the firewood and reloaded them onto another truck. However, with the intervention from Ayikuma Police and the Rapid Response Team of the Forestry Commission from Shai Hills, the two suspects were arrested and kept in cells. The following day, they were brought to the Tema District Court but were late for court. On Thursday, 24th January 2019, the suspects had their day in court and were convicted on their own plea. They were to pay a fine of Two Thousand, Four Hundred Cedis each (GHC 2,400.00) or in default, serve a jail term of one and a half years each. The suspects are now at Nsawam Prisons and have started their jail terms.

We therefore, call on all the authorities involved, to bring justice to our staff, Mr. Emmnuel Tei, and Forestry Commission as a whole by identifying his assailant (s) to face the full rigours of the law. We are also appealing to all Ghanaians to help Forestry Commission protect Ghana’s forests by co-operating with our staff at all levels in the enforcement of all legislations that are intended to secure the integrity of the nation’s forest reserves and protected areas.

Issued by:

The Chief Executive

Forestry Commission


January 29, 2019



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