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European Union Trade Regulation (EUTR) Out
Posted: 12 Mar 2013

The European Union Timber Regulation is now in force.  The regulation which seeks to restrict access of illegal timber to the Union came into force on 3rd March, 2013.  With this regulation, buyers or operators in the EU are now exercising due diligence to ensure that no illegally sourced timber enters their timber supply chain.  The pressure is therefore on exporters to also ensure that they have credible documentation to prove that their consignments do not contain any material that will compromise the integrity of the EU buyers.  FLEGT licensed timber, which is the expected output of the legality assurance system under development, would have squarely answered to the demands of the EU TR.  Ghana's FLEGT licenses will however not be ready until early 2014.  There is therefore the challenge of sustaining Ghana's access to the EU timber market between now and when the legality licenses can be issued. 

To aid in the due diligence process to show proof of the legal sources of wood and wood product imports, the following information is being published for the benefit of EU buyers:     

·  Timber Companies with valid Timber Holdings
·  Timber Species and their Scientific Names 
· Timber Exporter’s Register
  >> January - May 13, 2013
>>  May 15 - 31, 2013
 · Property Marks Register as at April 2013
This list will be updated regularly.  


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