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Version: 2 Date: 01 June 2003


Prepared by: GB/JD Approved by:


Preceded by Procedure No:


Followed by Procedure No:



To ensure that all procedures are properly scrutinised prior to approval and that only approved procedures are used.

Applies to:

FC Chief Executive

FC Board

FC Legal Officer

FC TREC Secretariat

All FC staff concerned with TUC Competitive Bidding

Reference Documents:

Act 547, Act 571, Act 617

LI 1649, LI 1721

Master Procedures Manual


1.       All FC staff concerned with Bidding for TUCs will be issued with an up-to-date Manual of Procedures that contains all approved current procedures.

2.       Any member of FC staff (the Originator) may propose a new draft procedure or propose modifications to a current procedure.

3.       The Originator forwards the new draft or modification, together with an explanation as to its intent, to the FC Chief Executive through the appropriate channels of communication.

4.       The Chief Executive will forward suggested amendments to the FC TREC Secretariat, and the FC Legal Officer for comment in particular with regard to:

a)       conformity with existing legislation, in particular Act 571, Act 547, and Act 617 and LI 1649 and LI 1721;

b)       conformity with other procedures, including FC operating procedures external to this manual;

c)       loopholes which may frustrate the intention of the procedure and the competitive bidding process in general; and

d)       precision and clarity.

5.       The Legal Officer discusses any suggested modifications with the Originator to ensure that the intent of the draft remains.

6.       The Chief Executive reviews the draft and, if satisfied, endorses it for consideration by the FC Board.

7.       The FC Board at its next meeting reviews the draft procedure and, as a result of majority vote, either:

a)      approves it and requests the Chief Executive to sign it; or

b)       sends it back via the Chief Executive to the FC Legal Officer with comments about any issues identified.

8.       When the FC TREC Secretariat receives a procedure approved by the FC Board and signed by the Chief Executive, he inserts a hard copy of the draft in the Master Procedures Manual, and also posts the new procedure on the intranet, in both cases replacing and archiving any procedure it replaces.� The issue number and approval date are updated in the Index of Procedures.

9.       The FC TREC Secretariat informs all FC staff to whom the new procedure applies that the new procedure is now current and that the Procedures Index and the existing procedure in the Procedures Manual are to be replaced.

10.   Only current procedures relating to the TUC Competitive Bidding process may be used.

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