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Pre-qualification application forms

Pre-qualification application forms


Application Forms



Version:   Date: 09 December 2002
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To describe the nature and distribution of pre-qualification application forms

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Assigned Forestry Services Division personnel

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Pre-qualification application form


1.       Pre-qualification application forms are in the form shown in Attachment 1 to this Procedure.

2.       The Forest Services Division at FC headquarters is responsible for reproducing forms and ensuring each regional and district office has sufficient copies.

3.       The Forest Services Division at its headquarters and relevant regional and district offices assigns personnel to provide application forms to interested parties and provides them with a schedule of application fees.

4.       Personnel who are responsible for providing application forms release a form to a prospective applicant on payment of the prescribed fee by the applicant.

5.       An official [VAT] [HS1]  receipt is issued to each purchaser.


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Application for Pre-qualification to bid for Timber Utilisation Contracts

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