Members of the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) have paid a courtesy visit to the Chief Executive of Forestry Commission, Mr. John Allotey to interact, learn about the activities of Forestry Commission and officially introduce themselves to management of FC.
Mr. Allotey welcomed the GJA team and expressed his excitement about the meeting stating that, the visit will enable the members of GJA know the core mandates of FC and appreciate the work FC does.
He stated that, the Forestry Commission needs journalists to criticize and tell the Commission’s story.
Mr. Allotey emphasized the need for a mutually beneficial relationship between the two entities. “ If we don’t have that kind of relationship, then we will not be able to communicate some of our good stories to the public” he added.

The GJA President, Mr. Albert Kwabena Dwumfour ,thanked Mr. John Allotey for the warm reception given to them.
He then commended the efforts of the current administration of FC for expanding, protecting and promoting the sustainable management of woodlands as well as increasing their value to the society and environment .
Mr. Dwumfour highlighted that the reasons for the visit is to encourage a healthy collaboration between the two institutions to do mass public education on afforestation, environmental degradation and set up media platforms on forest related matters.
He encouraged that the Commission should recruit more journalists to augment the efforts and work of the Corporate Affairs and Media Relations Unit.
“There is much to be told about the Forestry Commission, there are a lot you are doing which is not there and I believe that together, with this collaboration and exploring opportunities from both sides, we will do a good job” , he continued.
Mr. Allotey concluded by thanking the GJA team. He encouraged them to reach out whenever they need clarifications on issues relating to the Commission because FC has a strong and competent team who are always available to attend to issues