Wildlife Education and Awareness is essential to the conservation of wildlife resources. This is necessary to counteract negative perceptions and encourage desirable attitudes towards wildlife and other natural resources. Educating and raising the public’s consciousness and appreciation for wildlife and its benefits to the socio-economic development of the country, enhances the support of all stakeholders for sustainable wildlife management. It has been known that enforcement of the law alone cannot ensure the security, sustainable use, and management of natural resources. However, an informed public will contribute, as they possess the right and positive attitude towards wildlife and its conservation.

The Public Relations/Wildlife Conservation Education Unit of the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission performs the above duty of educating the public, in collaboration with other units of the Division. The Unit primarily, promotes public awareness, education, and communication, as well as advertise and solicits support for sustainable forest and wildlife conservation among other core responsibilities. 

The Public Relations Unit does wildlife educational campaigns in schools, churches, and local communities. Again, among key stakeholders, like hunters, wildlife traders, media, etc, to get them all aligned to the Division’s mission and goals, and also in conformity to international standards, laws, and treaties. Sensitization of the general public is also done through publications, exhibitions, on social media; and during annual events and programs like World Wildlife Day, Close and Open Seasons celebrations, and several others. The Unit equally works with allied conservation organizations to protect and conserve Ghana’s wildlife resources.