Untouched Wild

Crowned by Mount Kyabobo, Ghana’s 2nd highest peak of 873 metres, the Kyabobo National Parks is one of Ghana’s untouched national parks.

The Park is part of a larger ecosystem with the Fazao-Malfacassa National Park in Togo. The name “Kyabobo” comes from the local word Achode, meaning “go round” depicting the terrain of the park. Kyabobo has a unique set of ecosystem different from all other wildlife areas in the country.

The southern portion of the park has steep hills with beautiful views in every direction. The 222 km2park is home to the 51 mammals including the endangered elephant, bongo, buffalo and kob, 235 birds, 33 reptiles and 26 amphibians. It is one of the best places in Ghana for mountain climbing and biking“

Kyabobo National Park, a newly created Park in the Atwode traditional area, is located in the Nkwanta district of the Northern Volta Region. This park which covers an area of 359.8 km² is found in the Dry semi-deciduous forest zone and has both forest and savanna species of plants and animals. Its forests contain the nationally endangered endemic tree Talbotiella gendtii.

Animals common to the Park include, Buffalo, Kob, Warthog, Aardvark and Baboon. Threatened species of animals, which with adequate protection may recover, include Lion, Elephant, Bongo, Reedbuck and Hartebeest, which may recolonise the Park from the adjacent Fazao National Park in Togo. Tourist infrastructures are vigorously being developed in Fazaso. Kyabobo will be an attraction from Fazao.

The Park is about 400km from Accra and it is open to tourist. However with its rich fauna and scenic beauty it is going to add to the tourism potentials of the Volta Region when it is developed.