Wake-up to Nature

In the vast woodland of the Savana and Bono regions lies the 1,821km2 Bui National Park. This park harbours Ghana’s largest population of hippos. Over 250 species of birds have recorded including the very rare white-necked rock fowl (Picathartes). Besides the hippos, Bui also has elephants, waterbucks, bushbucks, baboons, patas and green monkeys.

Other interesting features arecaves, lush mountains and water cascades. The caves harbour bat colonies and it’s worth waiting to see the sunset over the mountains of Bui. A new hydroelectric dam built in Bui has significantly alter the geography of the park, creating more riverine areas and islands. Tourist activities await you at Bui National Park including game viewing, bird watching, and adventure hiking

Bui National Park is the third largest Wildlife Protected Area in the country. It covers 1,821km² and is bisected by the Black Volta. It is located in a typical woodland savanna zone in the Brong Ahafo and Northern Region of Ghana. It has spectacular gallery forests along rivers courses.

The reserve is particularly notable for its resident Hippo population in the Black Volta. Primates like the endangered black and white colobus monkey and a variety of antelopes and birds are also present.