Resource Management Support Centre (RMSC)

The RMSC is the technical wing of the Forestry Commission (FC). It is responsible for the

  • Exploration
  • Development
  • Facilitation
  • Institutionalization
  • Implementation and monitoring of effective and affordable forest management systems in Ghana.

The Centre further ensures that these systems are in accordance with the national Forest and Wildlife Policy. The Centre has its operational base in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital. Kumasi is the second largest and cultural city in Ghana. It is located in the high forest zone and is about 270 kilometers from Accra, the national capital.


RMSC will develop integrated forest and wildlife management systems and facilitate and monitor their implementation through active cooperation with stakeholders for the benefit of all segments of society.


The Vision of the Centre is to be of technical excellence in forest and wildlife management system development.


  1. To improve the operational capacity of RMSC
  2. To streamline RMSC’s operations
  3. To enhance support for accelerated preparation of management plans
  4. To develop the revenue generating capacity of RMSC


  • Monitor and report on the state of Ghana’s Forest and Wildlife Resources.
  • Assist forest districts to prepare management plans for all forest and wildlife resource areas.
  • Develop effective, efficient and affordable forest and wildlife management systems
  • Monitor the implementation of forest and wildlife management systems
  • Support the formulation of forest and wildlife policy
  • Assist Operations Departments of FC to implement integrated forest and wildlife management systems
  • Provide training support to FC divisions and other organizations within the sector
  • Participate in the exchange of technical expertise locally and internationally
  • To generate revenue to support FC

Current Projects

The Centre is undertaking a number of projects under the various technical teams. These projects which are designed within the broad framework of the Forest Sector Master Plan are aimed at facilitating achievement of the key objectives of the five-year National Forest Management Plan (1998-2002).

These targets are:

  • Management and enhancement of the permanent forest estate.
  • Management of forest resources off-reserve.
  • Promotion of public awareness and involvement in forest resource conservation.
  • Development of effective capability for sustainable resource development.
  • Expansion of the nation’s forests cover through afforestation.

The Projects also aim at contributing to the bio-diversity component of the Natural Resources Management Project (NRMP), especially in the following broad areas

  • Institutional arrangements to ensure community involvement in the management of forest reserves and Globally Significant Bio-diversity Areas (GSBAs).
  • Linkages between bio-diversity protection and project supported socio-economic activities.
  • Identification of viable livelihood investment projects that improve local income levels.
  • Expansion of the nation’s forests cover through afforestation.