Service Charter – Introduction & Function

We are the Forestry Commission under the Ministry of Lands, Forestry and Mines of the Republic of Ghana.
To sustainably develop and manage Ghana’s forestry and wildlife resources.
VISION:To leave future generations and its communities with richer, better, more valuable forestry and wildlife endowments than we inherited.
FUNCTION:create, protect and manage the permanent forest estates and protected areas in the various ecological zones of the country to conserve Ghana’s biophysical heritage.prepare and implement integrated forest and wildlife management plans for the maintenance of the environment to the benefit of all segments of society.regulate the harvesting of timber, wildlife and other non-timber forest and register contracts and issue permits for export of forest and wildlife productstrack the movements of timber, wood and wildlife products.monitor the harvesting and marketing of forest and wildlife products.develop and enforce appropriate industrial standards and trade guidelines for timber and wildlife products.promote value addition as well as increased use of lesser known timber and wildlife species to ensure the optimization of utilization and benefits of forest and wildlife resources.provide market intelligence to inform both Government and industry on pricing, trade and product trends.provide technical services in the development and utilization of forest and wildlife resources. 
WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR:coordinating, implementing as well as enforcing of policies, laws and regulation on development, management and regulation of the utilization of forest and wildlife resources.assisting the private sector and other bodies with the implementation of forest and wildlife policiesPromotion of public awareness on forest and wildlife management.advising and providing technical services with regards to matters of resource protection, management and development of market intelligence pertaining to forest and wildlife industriesadvising and providing technical services for forest plantation for the restoration of degraded forest and environmental conservation in general.advising and providing technical services on wild animal breeding facilities for restocking depleted areas and improving wild animal availability to the general public.the coordination of policies related to the conservation, management and development of forest and wildlife resources.we are responsible for conducting pre-shipment inspection for forest and wildlife resources.