FC New Service Charter 2008


I am pleased to introduce the new Service Charter for the Forestry Commission (FC). The new FC Service Charter is a revised edition of our maiden Service Charter which was launched in 2003.

The new Charter was produced in association with the Ministry of Public Sector Reform in the context of the Government’s Public Sector Reform objectives. The new Charter is to serve as an agreement between us and the public through which trust and confidence in the public will be sustained. It is intended that the Charter will function as an instrument to move the customer from the PERIPHERY of the organization to the CENTRE of our business.

The Charter describes the service experience that a customer can expect from us. Its purpose is essentially to allow for open and transparent approach and context to service delivery. It sets out how we intend to work towards providing a high quality service to our customers. The Charter also gives vital information about the service delivery approach and the relationship the customer will have with us.

It is envisaged that the Charter will help us to maintain a clear focus on our customers, develop and refine our services, and ensure we are kept aware of the needs of customers, citizens and the general public.