The Forestry Commission (FC) has organised an inter-schools quiz competition amongst the Anunmle Cluster of Schools at the Accra Zoo, as part of its activities to mark this year’s edition of the International Day of Forests (IDF).
The theme for this year’s International Day of Forests is “Forests and Health”.
In a statement, the Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources in charge of Lands & Forestry, Hon Benito Owusu Bio said, since its inception, the global celebration of International Day of Forests has created awareness worldwide about the importance of forests and its various resources and the need to ensure that the present and future generations benefit from the forest resources.
To mark this year’s International Day of Forests, the Forestry Commission organized a quiz programme to help students gain more knowledge about the mandate of the Commission and in the end become brand ambassadors who will promulgate the importance of forest conservation, he added.
“The youth are the future leaders, therefore there is the need to inculcate in them the need to conserve forests and advocate for proforest policies and as future leaders, we want to inculcate the culture of tree growing and forest conservation in the daily lives of the people,” he said.
He therefore urged the Commission to sustain the quiz programme, make it an annual event and extend it to other regions of the country.
At the end of the competition, Anunmle Basic & JHS emerged as the winner , Aggrey Basic & JHS was the first runner up , Sackey Odoi Basic & JHS was the second runner up and Nii Okai Basic & JHS was the third runner up.
The Chief Executive , Mr. John Allotey , congratulated Anunmle Basic School for emerging the winner of this year’s competition . He expressed his joy that 75% of participants were ladies.
He reiterated that, the idea of the quiz competition is to bring the young ones on board in terms of protecting the environment.
“The answers today have proved that they are very much aware of the happenings around the environment”, he stated.
He urged all the students to keep attaining more knowledge about forests, how to conserve them and the benefits derived from their conservation.
Mr. Allotey congratulated the contestants and their respective schools for participating and showcasing immense intelligence and knowledge on the topic for the day.
“Even if you didn’t win today, you are not a failure. Don’t let the fact that you didn’t win bring you down. You are all winners”, he encouraged