The Greater Accra Chapter of the Forestry Commission Ladies Association (FCLA) has organized a training session on the theme “Corporate Grooming and Soft Skills.” The programme was held to observe this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) which fell on March 8.
Mrs. Sandra Frimpong, the Greater Accra Chapter President of FCLA, expressed her gratitude to members of FCLA for honoring their invitation and gracing the programme with their presence.
Mrs. Anne Brown, the Director of Human Resource (HR), admonished members to make a conscious effort to utilize the soft skills that will be taught and become better versions of themselves.
Madam Roselyn Adjei, FCLA National President, commended the Chapter Executives for a great job done. She said the National Executives will be more efficient because the Chapter Executives have worked hard over some time to support them. She also told the ladies to lead to inspire inclusion.
Hon. Martha Kwayie Manu, the Deputy Chief Executive, threw more light on the topic by explaining it extensively. She mentioned that corporate grooming and effective communication are soft skills that staff need to acquire to improve productivity at work.
Commissioner Nana Akosua Konadu Agyeman Prempeh, in a statement, admonished the ladies to encourage each other, work with each other, and pull others along as they climb up. She also encouraged the members to appreciate and value themselves from within, stay positive, and work on their attitude.
The Chief Executive, Mr. John Allotey, advised that next year, appropriate measures should be put in place so that members in other regions and districts outside Greater Accra could benefit from such training sessions. There were solidarity messages from the Lands Commission and Environmental Protection Agency Ladies Association.
The resource person was Madam Dzigbordi Kwaku Dosoo, a Certified High-Performance Coach, Business Strategist, Corporate Consultant, and Human Skills Expert. In her presentation, she spoke on women’s potency as transformational leaders and explained an acronym C.I.P. (Confidence, Influence, Power). She spoke on the power of communication; the power of influence; and the power of confidence as very essential to women and, therefore advised women to seek to manage and control what is within them. “As women, seek to be different, and being different is about being YOU. Just show up and grab an opportunity when you see it”, she quoted.
The resource person threw more light on visual communication and touched on facial framing, hand gestures, standing and sitting postures. Then, she demonstrated how to communicate better with body language.
Madam Dosoo touched on corporate appearance and educated members on the appropriate and inappropriate corporate outfits, then she gave pictorial examples of outfits, footwear, and accessories to wear in an office setting and recommended the appropriate undergarment ladies should use.
In her last statement, Madam Dosoo explained the acronym P.H.D. (Personal Hygiene Delivery) and mentioned that body odor, oral and feet care were relevant key points under P.H.D. Further, she demonstrated how to apply lemon or lime and ash to eliminate body odor. There were pictorial examples of proper brushing techniques and oral aids such as tongue scrapers.
Madam Dosoo, in concluding her presentation quoted, “You cannot go far with people if you do not know how to relate with people, but be selfish with self-development.”
The programme ended with a question-and-answer session.