The Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural) Resources (MLNR) in charge of Lands and Forestry, Hon. Benito Owusu Bio, has stated that the Green Ghana Day (GGD) 2023 will take place on 9th June, 2023.
On that day, a total of 10million seedlings will be planted across the country whilst nurturing the over 30 million which were planted in 2021 and 2022.
The Minister made this announcement when he undertook a tour with a group of journalists to some 2021 and 2022 GGD planted sites within the Greater Accra Region to inspect and assess the growth and survival rate of seedlings planted by some institutions, Forestry Commission (FC) and the Ministry.
The Deputy Minister asserted that the monitoring is part of a build up of activities towards the GGD which he reiterated will be on the 9th June, 2023.
Hon. Benito Owusu Bio explained to the media that, the GGD 2023 will be duly launched in May, and preparations are currently underway to ensure the general public receive seedlings and the necessary education on how to plant and nurture the trees they plant to growth to achieve a better survival rate than previous years.
He added that, the 2022 GGD planting activity was a success because statistics received from FC shows over 72% survival rate, which is very commendable for a project of two years.
He averred that, earlier a survival rate of 80% was disclosed, however due to weather conditions and other factors like wildfires, amongst others, currently seedlings planted in 2021 has a survival rate of 67% and 2022, 72%.
Moving forward, he is hopeful that, the survival rate for the 3rd edition of GGD 2023 will be better results than previous years.
Hon. Owusu Bio called on the general public to continue nurturing trees planted and urged them to shun activities that bring harm to these trees.
He also assured Ghanaians that all monies invested into procuring Green Ghana seedlings have been judiciously utilised as most of the seedlings planted during the 2021- 2022 Green Ghana Day planting exercises are doing extremely well.
The Deputy Minister used the opportunity to dismiss claims circulating in the media space about government’s unpaid debt of 2.3 Billion Ghana Cedis to Green Ghana Seedling providers after the planting exercises.
Hon. Benito Owusu-Bio stressed that, the government owes seedling providers about GHS 28 million which he said will be paid soon. He then assured seedlings providers that talks are already underway with the Ministry of Finance to release funds to settle all seedling suppliers contracted for GGD 2021 and 2022.
He therefore, called on all Ghanaians to join the frail and plant the 10,000 seedlings scheduled to be planted this year to help mitigate climate change.
The team on the monitoring tour first visited the Seismic Centre of the Ghana Geological Survey Authority, then to three planting sites at the University of Ghana, Legon campus, through to the Achimota Forest, to the Achimota Secondary School and to the JJ Rawlings Foundation guardianship planting site inside the Achimota School.