The Timber Validation Department (TVD)of Forestry Commission has organised a day’s validation workshop on Ghana’s Legality Assurance System (GH-LAS) Communication Materials.
The objective of the workshop was to discuss the non-compliance matrix, as well as the “dos and donts” for FC staff and the industry on legality principles relating to the source of timber, Timber Rights Allocation, Timber Harvesting Operations, Transportation, Processing, and Trade and Fiscal Obligations.
Participants were drawn from the three Divisions and various units of FC across the country.
Addressing the participants, Mr. Chris Beeko, Director of TVD, said the workshop was to raise awareness on how to avoid non- compliance of the GH-LAS legality principles and criteria. He added that, the GH-LAS takes no pleasure in seeing the death of a sinner’ or jeopardise any one’s career but to see that the right thing is done.
Presentations on Guidelines for addressing Non-Compliance, Prevention/ remedial actions and applicable sanctions were made by Dr. Frank Ankomah, Manager, Verification and Audit, TVD and Mr. Chris Beeko.
Participants discussed the contents of the matrix and made several contributions to effect some changes in the matrix.