The Takoradi Regional Office of the Wildlife Division (WD)of Forestry Commission in partnership with Connect 97.1 FM, a Takoradi ~based radio station ,has organized a mobile zoo session as part of activities for patrons at the Connect Western Trade Fair dubbed “Mobile Zoo (Mobizoo 2023)” at the Takoradi Mall.
This event is organized annually by Connect FM , a subsidiary of Media General.

The Connect Western Trade Fair was an opportunity for the Regional Office to increase public awareness on wildlife issues, the Close Season, promote ecotourism investment opportunities in Protected Areas (PAs) , enhance the Wildlife Division’s visibility and maximize tourism to PAs in the country.

Some animals which were on display for the event were 2 civet cats , 4 monkeys, 1 royal python, 2 forest tortoises , 2 hawks, 3 crocodiles, a bossman’s potto, 4 parrots and a side-attraction of a horse and donkeys for riding.

Other activities undertaken during the Fair were media interviews, Pet/Bush meat trade licencing, student/corporate package tours, among others.

The mobile zoo program had about 2,186 visitors which included schools, families, holiday makers, non-nationals as well as some staff of the Forestry Commission and their families.