The Human Resource (HR) Department has organised a 3 day health screening for staff of Forestry Commission (FC) at the Head Office, as part of activities earmarked for the Health Awareness Week dubbed “Our health, our wealth”. The Forestry Commission Health Week, is an annual event which has been put in place to promote healthy lifestyles among staff.
The HR Director, Mrs. Anne Brown, said the objective of the program was to address health issues of staff and promote a culture of healthy living. According to her, “without a healthy workforce which is a crucial resource to the industry, the objectives of the Commission will not be achieved”.
Mrs. Brown added that, the health screening organised for staff seeks to concientise staff on their current health status so that they can take proper steps of preventing ailment and disease which could have been detrimental to their lives if they are ignorant about their medical status.
Medical personnel were sought from Office of the President Medical Center to check the blood pressure, eyes and dental wellness of staff. Laboratory technicians were also available to take blood samples of staff to check for sugar Levels, Full Blood Count, Hepatitis B, BUE + Cr , Liver Function Test, Lipid Profile, FBS, H. Pylori and PSA
Representatives from the National Health Insurance Scheme were also present to register staff on the scheme and renew old beneficiaries at a low rate.