The Ghana Forest Plantation Technical Steering Committee (GFPTSC) has presented a revised copy of the Ghana Forest Plantation Strategy (GFPS) to the Forestry Commission, after four months of evaluation.
The Committee was inaugurated on 28th April 2023, and tasked to undertake the maiden review of the GFPS.
This task was in accordance with the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework of the GFPS which prescribed periodic review of the strategy document to ensure its alignment with changing conditions and priorities.
The Chairman of the Committee, Professor Joseph Cobbinah, delivered a presentation on the processes that went into the review of the GFPS. These included review of policy frameworks, revisitation of SWOT analysis, key actors, outcomes, finance, monitoring and evaluation and wrap up.
After the Chairman’s presentation, contributions and comments were taken from members of the Committee and staff of FC.
The Steering Committee then handed over a symbolic copy to the Deputy Chief Executive of FC, Mr Nyadia Sulemana Nelson.
In his closing remarks, Mr. Nyadia Sulemana Nelson thanked and commended the Committee for painstakingly executing a great task in such a short period of time.
He, therefore accepted the draft document on behalf of the Chief Executive of FC, Mr John Allotey, and assured that, the management of the Commission will begin a series of consultations with key stakeholders and collate their opinions into the document and then present it back to the Committee for finalization.
“From the discussions had today, I can feel we are coming from a learning curve, and it is a mix of the past and change and we are looking for a changed story so that next time when there is the need for a review, we will have a good story to tell”, he concluded.